Word Of Mouth – Secret Plan Of Action

Posted by terrilevine

Word Of Mouth Action Plan

There are some steps that create word of mouth for your business and can move you to become a by referral business. It’s a much more fun and easy, effortless way to run a business when you are not hunting for client family members and they are coming to you through reverse marketing!

Here is the action plan that will help you create a word of mouth, by referral business.

  1. Get your product/services into the hands of key influencers.
  2. Ask the influencers to talk about your services/product.
  3. Collect a lot of videos, audios and written case studies and testimonials that authentically speak about your services and products directly from your client family members
  4. Create a referral reward club with benefits
  5. Offer special incentives and discounts for people who you meet by referral
  6. Run special discounts and special sales for those who refer and their referrals
  7. Make sure you have built a core story and have a Core Unique Positioning Statement built into your marketing
  8. Make buying super easy
  9. Have a guarantee in place

Want some help creating a by referral business?  Here you go!


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