Word Of Mouth Might Be Killing Your Business

Posted by terrilevine


Negative Word Of Mouth

Did you know that negative word of mouth like the Tylenol scandal can seriously harm a business?  The Tylenol recall cost Johnson and Johson $665 million in lost salesThe Volkswagen diesel scandal costs hit $30 billion.  You don’t want a scandal in your company. That’s for sure!

Another type of word of mouth that can harm your business is disgruntled customers.  Unhappy customers can convince others not to buy your products and services.  If they don’t seek out others to tell then they might just be happy to tell others when asked about why to avoid your products and services.

You also don’t want customers to be neutral as neutral customers can easily turn into negative ones.

You want to move clients into people who spread positive word of mouth about your products and services.  You want your customers to willing and on their own tell others about their satisfaction with your products/services.


When your products and services are the rage word of mouth will spread.  Companies that have this kind of word of mouth are Apple who have waiting lines when new iPhones come out and Harley Davidson who even have Harley tattoos on their bodies.

Watch how almost 1,000 business owners engage and get positive word of mouth and join this group.

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