Understanding Memes

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Memes and Consumerism

What is a meme? A meme is an idea that spreads quickly. A meme can be used to leave a positive lasting positive impression about your company, products, and services. Because most people follow what the masses say, if your business has a positive meme others will jump on board.

Ideas spread in society when one of 5 situations occurs. They are:

So how do you stand out and catch the eye of your prospects and attract them to do business with your company through reverse marketing?

These things are the eye catches you can select from:
Unique Results
The Unusual
Helping Others

You want your marketing to be viral and a positive meme can start the viral word especially online.

To make it easy to spread the word, notice what gets people talking:
An interesting idea
A sample, experience or trial
Spreading an idea with people who are in close contact with others
Taking advantage of existing communication methods
Developing the way of trying your product in such a way that it automatically draws more try-ers

Some places where viral marketing has taken off:
“Tell A Friend” Buttons
E-Greeting Cards
To benefit from positive word of mouth online:

Make certain your website has a way to make word of mouth easy

Monitor your viral marketing and be intentional about it

Place testimonials in different places on your website

Use email marketing

Keep up to date on what products and services the experts in your industry are recommending
Demonstrate the great ways people are using or finding success with your products and services on your website

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