The Power Of Word Of Mouth Marketing

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Molding Word Of Mouth To Your Advantage

Word of mouth marketing is when people don’t ask a mentor for advice and rely on friends, family, and colleagues for advice.  Word of mouth marketing can help you accelerate your profits and grow your customer base.

While traditional advertising draws about one response for every thousand ads and most of those are to ask for more information before considering purchasing. When you get a recommendation from a friend, or family member or business colleague, you are more likely to take their word for it and take action on it.  On average customers purchase two out of every five recommendations made to them by people they trust. What a BIG difference.

I define word of mouth marketing as any communication that happens between a customer and a potential customer. There is usually a relationship of some kind between these two people with an established level of trust.

Advertising is simply providing a message to a potential customer who does not have an established relationship with you or level of trust with you yet. Which form of marketing will grow your business faster?  Clearly, people taking advice from people they know, like and trust.

Word of mouth marketing is more personal, believable and relevant and is customer driven. Word of mouth is self-generating and will save you time and money.  Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Are you getting word of mouth?
  2. Where is your word of mouth coming from?
  3. What services and products are being affected by word of mouth?

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Word Of Mouth – Make Or Break Your Business

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What is the most powerful form of marketing?  Let me give you a hint. It is absolutely free. Did you guess?  It is word of mouth marketing.  If you treat people right you will attract the right customers who will happily tell others about your business.

If you treat customers or prospects poorly then you will also find word will travel and you will repel prospects and customers.

Word of mouth travels fast with the internet, social media, review sites, online marketing, forums and email.  People can give you a lot of free advertising with positive word of mouth or a lot of negative advertising if they are dissatisfied.

How can you improve the customer experience? What can you do that will have customer’s select your products and services faster and have them purchase more frequently and even spend more money than usual?  And, how can you encourage them to share your business with their friends?

These are the questions I answer for clients who have a consult with me.  You can book a 90-minute consult for $250 with me.  I discount this over my usual hourly fee of $6,000 so that you can try me on.  It is a true consulting and strategy session and not a sales pitch in disguise.

I help you look at your branding, positioning, value, customer service, guarantees and product and service quality.

One thing you can do right now is to follow my lead.  You must have simple evaluations of your products or services.

You can improve your website like mine.  And you can provide free valuable courses like mine, as well.

3 More Ways To Maximize Your Resources

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Want to know the key areas that will help you in your small business?  Here they are!

Set Clear Goals

If you don’t know where you are going you will never arrive. Set goals and stay on course. Each week measure your goals along with your timetable and be sure you are making forward progress or change course and make corrections fast to achieve your business goals.

Get Coaching Or Mentoring

To keep moving your business forward commit be being a lifelong learner. Hire a coach or business mentor who will work with you weekly to keep you on track, learning more information and make sure you reach your goals.  Every successful person has a coach.

Transform Your Inner Game

Unless you have the right mental game of positivity and a clear mission and vision you will fall down.  You must work on your inner thinking to make transformations in business.

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Make It Big – Take Your Business Online

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Some businesses are only online businesses.  Others are brick and mortar.  Some are both online and offline. The businesses that have figured out how to be only as well as at a physical location are the most successful.

Online allows people around the world to do business with you.

To have a successful online business you must have products/services that truly create the outcomes and results that people want to buy.

You will need a nice-looking and highly functional website.

And you will also need a way to drive traffic to your website.

Instead of paying a lot of money for a website or anything else you need in your business, I suggest you discover what people are willing to barter for.  I have had virtual assistants, printing, copywriting and dozens of other services provided by people who wanted my consulting services and were happy to do a trade exchange with me.  You don’t know unless you ask.

One thing I have noticed is that many businesses don’t know how to put together a high ticket offering online for their prospective client family members.

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Marketing For Small Business Owners

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A Few Of My Favorite Marketing Tools

I have to give a shout out to direct mail. When you design a mailer that is informative, you will want to snail mail that to qualified prospects or even a list of leads you believe could be great prospects. Why?  Mail can work for you 24/7 by being seen by someone while you sleep.  Sales letters and brochures that are informative and show how you solve a problem and get a result for client family members can open a lot of doors and cut back your ad budget.

My next favorite tool is speaking on the phone or by video chat to qualified prospects. I recommend unless you have pre-qualified prospects by an application or by a screening call, you don’t spend time chatting.  If your target market is fortune 500 companies and a small company shows up, don’t spend time giving them your attention. Focus on the qualified prospects and engage them in meaningful conversation that can lead to a sale.  Spend your time and energy speaking to the right prospects only.

The final tool to mention is using the phone. Yes, call people. Not like a telemarketer does but like a person who truly cares about the people they are going to do business with.  The phone is powerful. Stop hiding behind email and social media and your computer and talk to people with the phone.

If you use these three marketing tools you will establish relationships with qualified prospects and put them at ease and make a connection.

Use these together and multiply your marketing resources.

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