Understanding Memes

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Memes and Consumerism

What is a meme? A meme is an idea that spreads quickly. A meme can be used to leave a positive lasting positive impression about your company, products, and services. Because most people follow what the masses say, if your business has a positive meme others will jump on board.

Ideas spread in society when one of 5 situations occurs. They are:

So how do you stand out and catch the eye of your prospects and attract them to do business with your company through reverse marketing?

These things are the eye catches you can select from:
Unique Results
The Unusual
Helping Others

You want your marketing to be viral and a positive meme can start the viral word especially online.

To make it easy to spread the word, notice what gets people talking:
An interesting idea
A sample, experience or trial
Spreading an idea with people who are in close contact with others
Taking advantage of existing communication methods
Developing the way of trying your product in such a way that it automatically draws more try-ers

Some places where viral marketing has taken off:
“Tell A Friend” Buttons
E-Greeting Cards
To benefit from positive word of mouth online:

Make certain your website has a way to make word of mouth easy

Monitor your viral marketing and be intentional about it

Place testimonials in different places on your website

Use email marketing

Keep up to date on what products and services the experts in your industry are recommending
Demonstrate the great ways people are using or finding success with your products and services on your website

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Increasing Word Of Mouth – The Secret!

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The Dirty Little Secret That Will Ring Your Cash Register

Do you want more client family members?  Every business is in business to provide their products and services to more people and to have their products and services be used by folks.  One way to get a lot more client family members is to connect with experts who can rave about your products or services.

How do you do this? Simple.  Offer free products or services to experts for them to review.  An expert giving their opinion of your services or products can bring a lot more people to know about your company and to become client family members.

I suggest you develop a group of small experts who are willing to try your products/services and then tell others about them.   You offer them a trial of your products/services and if they like what they have tried, you ask them to advocate for you.

I recommend you also show your appreciation for those willing to do this for you.  Interview them, offer them a free membership, give them a video testimonial, or ask them what you can do to reciprocate.

This is a great way to have word spread about your services and products.

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How Prospects Make Decisions

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The Decision Making Process

One problem business owners have is shortening their prospects’ decision-making process. You want to move people from a “maybe” to a “yes” more quickly. You want the decision-maker to know the result they are going to receive and to resonate with the services and products you offer to them.  Once a prospect invests in their first service or product with you it is likely they will continue to invest if they get the results and outcomes they expected.

When client family members have a positive experience, they are likely to spread the positive word about your products and services.  It is critical you have them purchase the first time so that people can try you on. To get them to try you on it is important to have guarantees and incentives.

You might consider offering a trial period or a guarantee to take any risks.  Keep in mind they are parting with their money to get a result and are trying to determine if your product or service will get them the results they want is worth investing in.

You want your prospects to get involved and then to share their delight with your products and services.  This is how positive word of mouth happens.

Decision makers fall into several different personality types:
The Innovator
Loves to stand out from the crowd
Likes what is hot and trendy
Interested in strange and odd concepts
Loves to be the first to try something

Early Adopter
Driven by excellence
Mostly concerned with possibilities versus realities
Wants to be a leader
Ready for a new vision

Middle Majority
Wants to be perceived as competent
Concerned about practicality and easy comparisons
Needs an easy way if unhappy
Wants products that meet the industry standard

Late Majority
Generally skeptical and wants to know risks upfront
Likes to shop around for the best deal
Needs a support system
Wants what everyone else has

Likes it to be completely safe and traditional
Needs reassurance that nothing will go wrong
Won’t try new things unless it’s the final resort
Will search for loopholes and problems
Wants to use it in the standard industry way

As you can see, each type of prospect wants something just a bit different depending on their personality type. Understanding that each prospect has their own personality it’s difficult to appeal to them and have them take action.

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The Dirty Little Secret To Word Of Mouth Marketing

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Here Are The Secrets!

No one ever tells you how to develop word of mouth marketing – they just tell you that it is important. There are steps that create word of mouth marketing and for some reason, people don’t share the steps. Well, I will and I am right now!

Step one:

  1. Know what your client family members values and priorities are and why they purchase your products/services.
  2. Understand the different adopter types: innovators, early adopters, the middle majority, late adopters, and laggards.
  3. Clarify which decision stages are needed for your service/product to be adopted.
  4. Use the information from steps 2 & 3 to figure out which wording and word of mouth tactics are going to work using the Decision Maker Matrix (discussed below).
  5. Gather the resources for the highest word of mouth impact.
  6. Create and implement your word of mouth marketing campaign.

The Decision Maker Matrix

George Silverman created the Decision Maker Matrix after years of trial and error. This matrix charts the different concerns you may come across when working with different adopters and helps you put together a decision process for each one.

So, how do you actually create word of mouth with ease? What are the secrets?

  1. Use experts and gather information from them. Experts include client family members, suppliers, sales professionals, roundtable meetings, focus groups, etc.
  2. Gather information from seminars and workshops and get feedback from people who attend these events. Put on seminars, lunch or dinner or breakfast meetings, meet-ups, teleconferences, panel discussions, trade shows and attend these types of meetings as well.
  3. Gather word of mouth from client family members in testimonial videos and by use of case histories.
  4. Create a referral program where people share their testimonials and case studies and get incentives for making referrals to your company.
  5. Use social media and forums to gather more testimonials and as a way for people to make referrals.
  6. Promote word of mouth through WOW customer service and PR as well as tell-a-friend programs and giving away valuable information or products client family members can share with friends.
  7. Encourage your team to share your products/services with their own family and friends and others and provide them with a commission or other rewards for doing so.

Ok, the secret is out.  Now, what are you going to do with this information?

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Word Of Mouth Might Be Killing Your Business

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Negative Word Of Mouth

Did you know that negative word of mouth like the Tylenol scandal can seriously harm a business?  The Tylenol recall cost Johnson and Johson $665 million in lost salesThe Volkswagen diesel scandal costs hit $30 billion.  You don’t want a scandal in your company. That’s for sure!

Another type of word of mouth that can harm your business is disgruntled customers.  Unhappy customers can convince others not to buy your products and services.  If they don’t seek out others to tell then they might just be happy to tell others when asked about why to avoid your products and services.

You also don’t want customers to be neutral as neutral customers can easily turn into negative ones.

You want to move clients into people who spread positive word of mouth about your products and services.  You want your customers to willing and on their own tell others about their satisfaction with your products/services.


When your products and services are the rage word of mouth will spread.  Companies that have this kind of word of mouth are Apple who have waiting lines when new iPhones come out and Harley Davidson who even have Harley tattoos on their bodies.

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