Increasing Word Of Mouth – The Secret!

Posted by terrilevine

The Dirty Little Secret That Will Ring Your Cash Register

Do you want more client family members?  Every business is in business to provide their products and services to more people and to have their products and services be used by folks.  One way to get a lot more client family members is to connect with experts who can rave about your products or services.

How do you do this? Simple.  Offer free products or services to experts for them to review.  An expert giving their opinion of your services or products can bring a lot more people to know about your company and to become client family members.

I suggest you develop a group of small experts who are willing to try your products/services and then tell others about them.   You offer them a trial of your products/services and if they like what they have tried, you ask them to advocate for you.

I recommend you also show your appreciation for those willing to do this for you.  Interview them, offer them a free membership, give them a video testimonial, or ask them what you can do to reciprocate.

This is a great way to have word spread about your services and products.

Want some help locating these folks and chatting with them?  Join me here.

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