Enhance Your Word Of Mouth

Posted by terrilevine

Create Advocates And Raving Fans

I like to tell my client family members that they want to create advocates and raving fans who are excited to share their products/services with others.

If you have equipped your client family members with tools that make sharing your services and products easier, word of mouth will spread faster.

Make It Easy To Be Shared

Here are the steps you can take that will drive more positive word of mouth from your client family members.

  1. Give your client family members access to web pages, videos, emails, letters, flyers, and anything else that talks about your services/product
  2. Ask your client family members to give you positive reviews on Facebook, Google Places, Yelp, etc.
  3. Give your client family members coupons, discount codes, gift certificates, etc. that they can freely give away to their friends and family.

Before you ask client family members to share you make sure you know what they will be saying to others.  Ask them what they would tell a friend about their experiences with your business.  The goal is for them talk about the results they have gotten and why you have a superior service or product.  If they have a compelling before and after story with your service or product this is very helpful.

The more they can share their story and their claims about how your product/service helped them, the more people will pay attention to what they are saying and then take them and you up on a direct, low-risk experience, a demo, sample, or free trial.  And of course, if you have an ironclad guarantee, it becomes easy for a prospect to say “yes”.

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