The Dirty Little Secret To Word Of Mouth Marketing

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Here Are The Secrets!

No one ever tells you how to develop word of mouth marketing – they just tell you that it is important. There are steps that create word of mouth marketing and for some reason, people don’t share the steps. Well, I will and I am right now!

Step one:

  1. Know what your client family members values and priorities are and why they purchase your products/services.
  2. Understand the different adopter types: innovators, early adopters, the middle majority, late adopters, and laggards.
  3. Clarify which decision stages are needed for your service/product to be adopted.
  4. Use the information from steps 2 & 3 to figure out which wording and word of mouth tactics are going to work using the Decision Maker Matrix (discussed below).
  5. Gather the resources for the highest word of mouth impact.
  6. Create and implement your word of mouth marketing campaign.

The Decision Maker Matrix

George Silverman created the Decision Maker Matrix after years of trial and error. This matrix charts the different concerns you may come across when working with different adopters and helps you put together a decision process for each one.

So, how do you actually create word of mouth with ease? What are the secrets?

  1. Use experts and gather information from them. Experts include client family members, suppliers, sales professionals, roundtable meetings, focus groups, etc.
  2. Gather information from seminars and workshops and get feedback from people who attend these events. Put on seminars, lunch or dinner or breakfast meetings, meet-ups, teleconferences, panel discussions, trade shows and attend these types of meetings as well.
  3. Gather word of mouth from client family members in testimonial videos and by use of case histories.
  4. Create a referral program where people share their testimonials and case studies and get incentives for making referrals to your company.
  5. Use social media and forums to gather more testimonials and as a way for people to make referrals.
  6. Promote word of mouth through WOW customer service and PR as well as tell-a-friend programs and giving away valuable information or products client family members can share with friends.
  7. Encourage your team to share your products/services with their own family and friends and others and provide them with a commission or other rewards for doing so.

Ok, the secret is out.  Now, what are you going to do with this information?

Start here now!

Free Publicity Can Rocket Your Business

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Free Publicity Boosts Your Business

You can use public relations (PR) to get a much better response than paid advertising plus save you a bundle in costs. PR is anything to do with public relations or your company or you being mentioned in the media, merchandising and promotions.  You want to build a strategic marketing plan that actually includes PR built in. Be certain your plan incorporates all three of these areas and you will really kick butt with PR.
Today, start considering all areas of the media – magazines, newspapers, television, ezines, radio, podcasts, blogs – all of them have a lot of power.  Always remember that online marketing is  just as powerful (maybe even more) than conventional media.

To get yourself or your company in the media put together a press release that is relevant to something important being talked about in the news.  Be certain you aren’t writing an ad or promoting yourself or your business and are really tying in to something newsworthy.  Here is an example.

Within the release have one hook and one angle.  Be certain you begin with an attention grabbing headline and send off the release to the correct person in the media.

Notice that press releases have the same formatting.

Follow these examples and notice where the contact information is and how photos are also used in the release.

Send your release to local and national newspapers, TV shows, industry and trade show magazines, bloggers, podcasters, radio shows both locally and nationally and also post on all free press release sites.

Be certain when you write the release that you have tied it into the news and also addressed the needs of your target market with the products/services you offer. A well written press release makes this very clear.

The media is interested in stories that help people who have a problem with a real solution.

Do you know any celebrities?  That will bring you even more medi.  Just make sure you have valuable information in the press release.

Publicity is one of my favorite strategies because it is free!  Get more attention to your business today.

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