Telemarketing Is NOT Dead!

Posted by terrilevine

Yes, Telemarketing Is Alive!

I know that when I say telemarketing you might think it is a four letter word and I assure you it is not. Telemarketing is an effective strategy when you are selling high ticket, high margin products or services.  In addition to telemarketing being alive and well, so is direct mail. Yet, very few business owners seem to know how to use direct mail effectively.  I’ll start this article by sharing direct mail strategies and then get into telemarketing right after that.

Here are the key steps to putting together a highly effective direct mail marketing program.

Begin by creating a list of all the benefits customers will receive when they purchase your products and services. Then pick the most powerful benefit from your list. Next, create an attention-grabbing headline about the benefit. Be certain the benefit has words that create emotions and that fill the most important human desires to be young, wealthy, desired, popular or successful. Now you are ready to create your sales letter.  Use the headline you created to begin your sales letter. This way you will be certain you grab the reader’s attention. Within the letter, you want to educate by providing important information. You also want to motivate prospects to take action. Create a brochure, and order form, a reply envelope or a note to encourage prospects to actually read your letter. Then use your own mailing list or rent or buy a mailing list to send your letter to. Be certain you compare the cost of mailings versus the cost per order.

As in all marketing, you will need to test and tweak your direct mail.

Direct mail can help you find your ideal prospects locally or nationally and bring hot prospects to your door. As you refine your direct mail and tune it up you will get better and better results which will lower the overall cost of your direct mail marketing.

Now, let me get to telemarketing. Yes, finally!

To create a successful telemarketing campaign be certain you have objectives for your calls. What topics are you going to discuss and what questions will you ask about these topics?  Be clear you know this information. When you reach someone by phone always begin by asking if this is a convenient time to speak. When you do ask questions you want to sound conversational and not as if you have a list of questions to get through. Ask some general questions at the start of the call and then you can get more specific as the call continues. Be certain they can tell that you are actually listening to their responses and that you truly appreciate their time. Focus on being a great listener. During the call just relax and be yourself having a natural and authentic conversation.

Telemarketing is not so difficult. If you speak honestly and authentically you will be able to reach interested prospects. Always think about how you wish a telemarketer has treated you in the past and how you wish to be treated. Treat those you speak with the way you would want to receive telemarketing calls. Ask your friends and family what they don’t like about telemarketing calls and what would make them like the calls more.

When you are on the phone you must quickly get the prospect to listen to you. You must quickly capture their attention so that they want to listen to you.  Your opening statement is everything.

Can you see how ideas like telemarketing and direct mail can be used in your business?  Are you getting excited about adding more customers to your business?

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