Ways To WOW Client Family Members

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Get Client Family Members Spreading Your Word

We all want our client family members to talk about how much value they are getting from our business. If you follow these ideas (even 5 or 6) you will find that you have a lot more positive word of mouth and can build a by referral business.

Build Word Of Mouth

  1. Cater to client family members
  2. Create an incentive program for referrals
  3. Make the client family member right
  4. Be 100% transparent, authentic and an integrity
  5. Suprise client family members by overdelivering
  6. Make it super easy to do business with you
  7. Always make time for client family members
  8. If you don’t know the answer, say that and then find out the answer
  9. Treat every client family member as highly valued even if they invested one cent with you
  10. Never use manipulative or pressure selling
  11. Only recommend what will help people
  12. If you can’t help them, tell them that
  13. Look for ways to develop personal relationships with client family members
  14. Treat everyone right all the time
  15. Go above and beyond if someone is not happy
  16. Empower your team to go above and beyond as well
  17. Survey your client family members and make changes based on their responses

I suggest you pick a handful of these strategies and implement them right away.

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Show Your Customers You Appreciate Them

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The More You Appreciate, The More You Receive

Once you attract a customer you then must treat them as a family member. It’s not just about being attractive to bring them into your business. You need to build relationships with your customers and embrace and nurture them. Be certain you thank them and appreciate them regularly.  Send small gifts and cards and share information and resources with customers. Emotionally connect them to your company.

You also need to appreciate any alliance partners who help you by making introductions to their customer base or opening doors for you.  I treat them as family members as well and I focus on what I do for them versus asking what can they do for me?  I look to see how I can help them or their business to expand and seek to better understand their needs.  I made introductions to people that can help them or that they can help.  I look at what I can do for them to make their businesses or their lives better.

My focus in business is being a Heart-repreneur® which means I do business with authenticity, integrity, and transparency and focus on serving others first. The more people I help the more my business will organically grow and prosper.

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Landing Big Clients

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Get Ready To Land Bigger Clients

Of course, you want to have bigger and bigger clients who hire you as their business coach or business consultant. In order to land bigger clients, you first need to make a great first impression on these potential clients. They must know you, like you and trust you before they will give you or your company a large sum of money in exchange for your services.

You can make a great first impression on your prospects by handling their calls and emails quickly and helping them solve some of their problems before they even engage you. Let them see you really can help them and that you care about their results and their success matters to you.

When you chat with them and discover their needs, don’t overpromise. Instead, decide if you can help them and get them the results they want and if they fit into your service offering.  I am always asking myself if I can get the clients the outcome they want and if I would enjoy working with them on their business. If it’s not fun, I will pass on the client and if I can’t get them results I won’t take their money.

I prefer to speak with prospects first for a brief 10-minute call so I can see if I can truly help them. During that time I hear their needs and I decide if I’d like to work with them. If the client is a fit I let them know and if they aren’t a fit I also let them know.  These 10-minute calls allow me only to speak with high-quality prospects and to honestly assess my value to them.

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Baby Steps Lead To Happy Customers

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The Marathon Of Customer Service

If every single day you focus on customer service and take baby steps to move your company to make shifts that truly benefit your customers you will win the marathon of being in business long-term.

When you make too many changes at once and try to sprint for the finish line this is when you fail at customer service.

I recommend you only strive to improve 1% per week. These little steps and going slow and steady will help you win the race.  If you improve just 1% a week you will have improved over 50% in a one year period!

The two words to remember are flexibility and consistency.  Be flexible with your customers and be consistent with your customer service policies.  Focus always on making customers happy and giving them the results they are paying for and making sure you keep all promises made to them. You are your word and nothing but your word as a business owner.

Always deliver outcomes and results. This is essential to your business success.

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Consistency Applied To Your Small Business

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Consistency Creates Raving Fans

When you develop consistency in customer service you will create raving fans.

Yesterday, I was chatting with one of my client family members who wanted to add some customer service options and I pulled her back.  She already had many great customer service options that were aligned with her original vision.  I wanted her to stay true to her vision and keep her two solid customer service techniques in place because those set her apart from the competition.

I asked her to focus on the current systems only and make sure they were working perfectly or improve them.

I highly recommend you put customer service systems in place and then make sure they are solid.

Make sure you have a great system in place for customer service and then execute it flawlessly every time. Be consistent with the right people in the right roles and responsibilities. Also be certain that everything, including technology, guarantees a positive experience every time.

Don’t forget that everything is about results.

Emphasis needs to be placed on the results, which ultimately is the satisfaction of the customer.  You must make sure anyone working in or for your company has the same focus and consistently delivers an extraordinary customer service experience.  Good training is necessary to have consistency and to WOW customers.

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