Prospects Who Say “YES”

Posted by terrilevine

Customers Overnight

Of course, you want to have prospects for your business.  Having GREAT prospects who are really interested in your products and services is what quickly has them say “YES”.  Once they say they want to buy what you have then you also need to retain those customers long term.   The job of marketing is to bring you hot prospects.  How do you do this?  By having marketing messages that are inviting, informative and enjoyable.

Once a customer says they want your products or services your job is to seal the deal to avoid buyer’s remorse. Clearly, you want to avoid any buyer’s remorse.  There are two ways to avoid this from happening.  One is to give a guarantee and the other is to give bonuses that customers get to keep even if they return the product or cancel the service.  Both of these concepts create trust from your buyers and also help to turn a prospect into a customer.

How else can you turn prospects into customers?  You can offer special pricing as a way for prospects to become engaged with your company or you can offer smaller, inexpensive products or services as an introduction to your company and a way to build trust.  Financing options may also help as can a bonus if customers pay in full.

Keep in mind what my mentor Jay Abraham had to say, “By making it inviting, easy, informative, non-threatening, educational, inspiring and fun to do business with you, you’ll loft your company above the competition.”
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